Ahhh, food, glorious food!! Have you heard the joke about the little Adventist girl? It was Show and Tell Day in her grade 3 class, and each student was required to bring something that represented their religious beliefs. One little Catholic girl brought a rosary and explained how she prayed using the beads. A little Anglican girl brought a small chain with a cross on it and told about Jesus' death on the cross. Well, our little Adventist girl brought a casserole and explained about potluck lunches!!

OK, ladies, surely we have more than casseroles up our collective sleeves!   Members, please don't be bashful about sending in your recipes. Everyone who submits recipes will have their own "Chef's Page". One thing, though, they must be vegetarian!! Easy to prepare, healthy, vegetarian recipes will do our bodies good, and our healthy lifestyles will glorify God! Please email your delicious recipes to Lina and they will be added to our recipe pages within a few days.

Please do browse through our various chefs' pages. And, get cooking!




Leek Pie

Roasted Pepper & Onion Tart




Eggplant Melongene


Beverley Joanne 


Sweet Chik'n Crisp

Blueberry Sally Lunn

Hot Fudge Sundae

Festive Couscous

Fruit Pizza

Bev's Rice with Onion and Fennel Seeds

Sylvia's Tofu & Eggplant

Caramelized Banana Slices with Toasted Pecans

Polenta/Spinach/Cheese Lasagna




Blue Cheese Ball

Cashew-Nut Apple Salad

Philippine Gluten Escabeche

(Gluten Sweet and Sour)



Squash Soup


Martina's Baked Potato

Homemade salad dressing


Bread Pudding



Banana Nut Bread

Pink Lady Punch

Gluten Steaks




Mock Turkey

Zucchini Loaf

Mexican recipe




Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Thai Noodle Salad

Creamy Coconut Pie

Sweet Marie Candies

White Chocolate Mousse with Red Raspberry Coulis

Pasta with Ricotta Walnut Sauce

Miniature Mexican Frittatas

Italian Garden Frittata




B-B-Q Ribs

Taco Pizza

Chili Rice and Tofu Nut Balls

Making your own milk!

(Almond, rice, cashew, or oatmeal)

Hot Nutty Quinoa (Keenwa)

Carob Fudge

California Dreamin' Avacado Pie




Cream of Artichoke Soup

Carob Fondue

Wild Rice Quinoa Salad


Macaroni Salad

Mini-Cal Mayonnaise


Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

Three Bean Loaf

Chewy Granola Bars

Spinach and Cucumber Spread

Soybean Casserole

Tasty Caramels

Vegetable Nori Roll-Ups

Tahini-Ginger Dressing

Fettuccini Alfonzo




Bolu Pandan Kelapa Muda 

(Pandan - Young Coconut Sponge Cake Roll)

Vegetable Egg Foo Young




Balsamic Orange Dressed Couscous Salad

Chopped Veggie-chicken Cranberry Wreath


Yellow Rice

Coconut Tart

Egg-veggie Fried Noodles

For Extra Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Magic Bars

Silver Bells Punch

Spicy Fried Eggplant w/Scrambled Egg

Becky's Creamy Lemonade Pie

Mexican Rice Veggie Skillet

Texas Sheet Cake

Becky's Finger Lickin Cake
Glenna's Chicken (Fry-Chik) Enchiladas
Bean Dip For Friendship


Cashew Loaf for the Crock Pot



Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

“Tuna” Salad

“Chicken” Pot Pie




Carrot Seasoned Rice


Corn Casserole

Marcia - Page1

Marcia - Page2

Marcia - Page3




Citrus Punch

Orange Blossom Punch

Wedding Punch

Almond Tea

Lemon-Berry Pitcher Punch

Layered Spinach Salad

Mushroom Herb Loaf

Artichoke Dip


Chicken Filled Biscuits

Finnish Summer Soup

Greek Macaroni

Meatless Meatballs

Baked Apples

Red, White, & Blue Parfait

Apple Cranberry Cooler

Zucchini Bread

Raspberry Delight

Tea Cakes

Summertime Veggie Cookout Pack


Page 2

Country-Style Chicken (Fri Chick)

Chicken Supreme (Soya meat)

Soyameat & Croutons

Christmas Casserole

Chicken (Fri Chick) Tacos

Herbed Corn on the Cob

Grilled Garden Vegetable Sandwiches

Zucchini Corn Cakes


Page 3

Dried Cherry Lemon Scones

Tea Table

Hot Cranberry

Raspberry Punch

Hot Cider Mix

White Grape Cooler Punch

Fruit Sweetened Pistachio Dessert



Simple Cooking

Patchoi Roast


Rice Bean Salad

Garlic Dressing


Creamy Cashew Milk


Easy Chili


Mock Turkey Loaf

Rose and Roxanne

Page 1

Page 2


Page 1

Oatmeal Patties

Three-Apples Pie

Rice Crispiest Bars

Carob, Chips & Coconut Cookies

Baklava (Rolled Variety)

Coconut Cream Cake

Lemon-Vanilla Angel Food Cake

Everything Good Salad

Creamed Egg Salad

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Spinach Dip

Artichoke Appetizer


Page 2

Very Easy French Toast

French Toast (Vegan)

  Fruit smoothie


Water Bagels

Fried Banana Cakes

Cottage Cheese-Vegetable Sandwich

Potato pancakes

Basic Crèpes

Tofu and Mushroom filling

Sweet variations

Endive Hors d'Oeuvre Hawaiian

Tofu, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Potato and Bean Hash

Winter squash risotto
Swiss tofu steak

Tofu oat burgers

Low-fat onion gravy
Walnut stuffed peppers

Lentil stew

Sloppy Joes
Asparagus, Collards and Rice Casserole in a- Tofu Cream Sauce


Double Corn Brunch Bake (OVO LACTO)

Tuscan white bean bake

Chinese-style fried rice with peanuts

  Carrot Loaf

  Tofu Nut Loaf

  Tofu à la king

Black Beans and Rice

  Stewed winter vegetables with chick peas

Danish Apple Squares

  Deep Dish Peach Cobbler

  Easy Blueberry Cobbler

Pumpkin Nut Cookies

  Pumpkin Pie



Potatoes Fritter

Stuffed Egg Pancakes



Spinach Lasagna

Lemon Buttered New Potatoes

No-Meat Burgers-In-A-Hurry

Field Peppers

Brown Rice

Mushroom Stuffed Tomatoes

Egg Salad" Sandwich Spread*



Ymmmy Easy Cheese Cake


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Zucchini Patties



Favorite Pancakes

Our Tofu Scramble Recipe

Claudette’s meatless meatballs

Vegetable Curry

 Pasta & Vegetable Loaf

White & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate & Honey Cheesecake

Spinach Lasagna

Tortilla Bites


Grilled Portobello Mushroom

 Sandwich with Blue Cheese Sauce




Chocolate pudding

Crunchy Apple Crisp

Crumble-Top-Apple Pie

How to make Company Pastry Shell

Orange Cream Pie

 Heart-Shaped Sponge Cake

Fruited Oat Scones

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Pancit Filipino Noodles

Crunchy Cucumber Salad

Sate Gluten

Mushroom - Potato Potpie

Wheat Germ Piecrust

Potato Salad

Indian Curry With Rice

Mock Drumsticks

Sweet Potato Balls



Raison Cake


 Couscous Salad



Chicken Alpine

Vegan Lasagne


New Chef




Special Events Recipes




March 24, 2002

Recipe Day on the Garden Board

March 18, 2002, 1:46 pm

(Posted by Teri)

Communion Bread

November 4-6, 2001


Hot & Spicy Mexican Fiesta Days


October 4, 2001

Tea Time (Friendship - Week)

June 3, 2001

SDAWOW First Anniversary Dinner

January 1, 2001

New Year Party - Buffet



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